Who doesn’t love the beauty of sunsets and storms!?

This may come as a surprise to you. Although primarily drone photographers, we at Abstract Aerial Art do love a good storm! (and a sunset) If you follow us on our Instagram, you may have seen on our ‘story’ that the bad weather tends to follow us around! Its become a running joke with us!

Having the opportunity to travel for our work, we have encountered some pretty wild weather along the way. Never more was this the case than on our recent adventure around Australia.

Sitting here at home on another rainy day in England with no possibility of flying the drone, we have decided to show you some of the incredible sights that we were lucky enough to witness during our journey on the other side of the world.


Taken in various locations around the Australian outback and the sparsely inhabited western coastline, these are some of the images we shot on the days the drone couldn’t come out to play!

The image directly below was probably our most spectacular and entertaining day of the adventure.

Whilst driving between the Northern Territory and the Western Australia border, we came across a wildfire that had just been started by the vicious lightning storm surrounding us.

As opportunities like this don’t come around everyday, we stopped to capture mother nature at her most wild! Without going into too much detail, lets just say we had a couple of very close shaves photographing this!

Below are a couple of snaps of us in action whilst chasing these storms, as well as the ominous skies we frequently came across on what seemed like a daily basis! This certainly made the long, mind numbing drives far more entertaining!!

As menacing as these photographs look, they definitely don’t do justice to how evil these skies really were!

These two grainy images below are screenshots taken from a video off a GoPro camera we had with us at the time.

This particular storm had been raging for at least 8 hours and maybe it had sent us a little crazy as you can see us pictured standing in the middle of it!

If you would like to see some of the video clips of us chasing the storms in Australia or read about some of our experiences out there, please visit our original website Planet Earth Images and check out the blog.

We have no doubt (in fact, it’s a guarantee) this won’t be the last time we encounter weather such as this on our travels! Please don’t be surprised to see more storm posts on this blog in the future!


Following all this violence, it only seems right to show you the beauty of some of the sunsets we saw in between the Abstract Aerial Art and the mayhem of the storms.

During the evenings when the weather wasn’t trying to kill us, Australia lived up to its reputation for amazing sunsets. Below are a number of the gorgeous colours we were treated to whilst out on the road.

There’s nothing we can say that can compete with some of these incredible views, so we will let the pictures do the talking!

Do you wish you were there!? Us too! 🙂