Having spent the last couple of months turning Abstract Aerial Art into something more than just an idea, we have been desperate to get back out on an adventure. Finally, a one week window came up in which we could go out and do what we do best… head off into the unknown with no plans other than to find and photograph Abstract Aerial Art images for our collection!

Leaving our home in England during the early hours of the 22nd of June 2017, we headed straight towards the Channel Tunnel with a rough idea to drive around parts of Europe and photograph what we found. Immediately, our ‘detailed’ planning backfired! The crossing was going to cost half the price if we went the following morning! As a result of this, we headed towards a possible location nearby to salvage the day.

A quick scan of the satellites and a short drive later, we found ourselves in Lower Rainham, Kent. Below is a little summary of our afternoon.

We always end up in some interesting scenarios whilst flying the drone!

It’s usually worth it though…  Here are some of the shots we got during the day. The amazing patterns that sand, water and marsh land create, often make for great aerial images.

Shipwrecks lining the banks of the estuary. Looks as though a couple of them have been there a while!

Having found a hotel for the evening, the following morning we headed back to the Channel Tunnel to catch the 8am train over to France. Still not having a clue which direction we were headed, we did what we always do in these situations… flipped a coin!

Heads was north to Belgium and Holland, Tails was to the South of France and possibly Spain. Tails it was, so we made sure we got on the correct side of the road (for France) and set the GPS towards the south.

After encountering heavy traffic and a couple of wild storms, 12 hours later we arrived in Perpignan. In our best French accents, we booked ourselves into a hotel for the night! (we speak what we can remember of GCSE French so you can imagine how this went!!)


Having spent the previous evening doing our research, we finally had a destination in mind. Setting off early, we crossed the French border into Spain with Zaragossa and the Aragon region of northern Spain in our sights.

Roughly four hours later, we arrived in abstract aerial heaven!

The Aragon Region of Spain has some of the most outrageous looking patterns we have found to date. We are convinced this is where Pablo Picasso got his inspiration!!

As you can see below, this place pretty much sums up Abstract Aerial Art… We may have to move here!!

Please let us know your thoughts on these aerial images in the comments section at the bottom of the page 🙂

Here are some perspective shots of the stunning landscapes that the drone was flying over. The crazy abstract patterns that you are looking at here, are merely the fields that lie within the incredible Aragon region.

We couldn’t get enough of these shots as you can tell!

Below are the final images we photographed on our short visit to Spain. We’ve included a shot of the location they were taken in to put into context what you are looking at.


After spending a couple of days photographing Mr Picasso’s backyard, we headed back north towards France with Montpellier as the intended destination. However, as is usually the case with us, sticking to any sort of plan never works out well! Whilst on the move and scanning the satellites for possible locations to photograph, we ended up randomly zig zagging our way around various parts of the South of France!

Most of you would choose to visit the South of France to enjoy its beauty, elegance and luxury. As you can tell by the photo below, Abstract Aerial Art were here for a different reason!! (We don’t think many people would have this image in mind when they pictured the South of France!)

The following day, having crossed the border back into France, we set to work finding weird and wonderful aerial images. Pictured below is the shoreline of Gruissan and the accompanying aerial artwork we shot.

It was quite an adventure to get here in our little hatchback… more on this further down the blog post!

Whilst travelling with our drone in Australia, we quickly came to realise that salt ponds/farms/lakes or anything salty for that matter are one of our favourite things to photograph. 9 times out of 10 they guarantee amazing colours and abstract textures. Pictured below is one of the many salt facilities that line the southern coast of France. Although a lot of these places are not accessible, or are situated within no fly zones, here is one we managed to find that was both accessible and not within restricted airspace.

The pictures below should explain why we go looking for salt!

The Pink Lake

Waiting for us a short distance from Montpellier (which we’d finally made it to!) was a natural phenomenon found in very few places on earth… a pink lake!

Although we were lucky enough to have seen a few of these in Western Australia, the sight of pink water is still hard to comprehend and was well worth another early start!

For you scientists out there, once lake water reaches a salinity level greater than that of sea water, the temperature is high enough, and adequate light conditions are provided, the algae within the lake begin to accumulate a red pigment.

For the rest of us, that means the lake water turns as pink as a strawberry milkshake!!!

Before we knew it, our final day had arrived. We still had a few images we wanted to capture before we left and were still over 1000km away from our return crossing back to England at 9pm.

To make it back in time, we left the hotel in Montpellier at 4.30am with the intention of heading to Marseille and surrounding areas, a further 2 hour drive away. We took the final images of the trip and then drove the entire length of France back to Calais!

These are our final shots from France. See if you can guess what any of them are? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of the page, and we will get back to you with the answer.

Thankfully, we made it back to the Channel Tunnel crossing in time and all in all, we were very happy with the results of our mini road trip!

The Transport

Pictured below is our hatchback making its way down another ‘road’ it was never designed to be on. Needless to say, she had no problems in dealing with everything we put her through, and this particular location sure made for a great aerial!

Here is a comparison between our transport in Australia and the car we have at home which took us on this week long adventure.

Since starting Abstract Aerial Art, we often find ourselves attempting to get to places that cars were probably never meant to go! This is generally because most of the locations we want to photograph are very remote or very difficult to get to.

On our massive adventure around Australia, we had brought an 80 series Toyota Landcruiser. (the indestructible one!) This gave us the best chance to drive to these types of locations. It also included our home on the roof as you can see from the photo!

Having returned back to England, we have been trying to get to similarly difficult locations (not quite as remote however!) in an everyday car that was never designed for what we’ve thrown at it!

Pictured above, sitting on the beach in Gruissan, it took us, and our little red car well over an hour to drive a mile down a ‘road’ that even the Landcruiser would have found interesting! Nevertheless, she surpassed herself and got us everywhere we wanted to go and to be honest, in more comfort than our Australian beast!!

Although the little red hatchback is no off roader, she found herself in some quite unusual places on this trip!

Editing on the move is always an interesting challenge. (The photo with a blanket over Mike’s head is quite a normal sight on any trip like this.. it’s the only way to see what you’re looking at on a screen in the sunshine!)

Left Overs

Finally a few random photos left over from the trip. We forgot to mention that the storms from the first days drive followed us everywhere we went, which is usually the case with us!!

We did manage to get a lightning shot from the window of our hotel room on the iPhone! Next time we will leave more time to go storm chasing properly!


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Whenever we go on a adventure like this, we upload videos and behind the scenes photos on ‘our story’ on a daily basis.

We will keep you up to date with what’s happening with Abstract Aerial Art so check back here soon for more updates 🙂