This is a brief blog post to explain how and where Abstract Aerial Art began…

You may have read on ‘our story‘ that not long into our trip around Australia with the drone, we came to realise we had some very unusual looking images which we had no idea what to do with, but really wanted to share with the world.

We had originally planned to find, photograph and film, beautiful and conventional looking landscapes of planet Earth from an aerial perspective. However, due to strict drone laws regarding flying within the National Parks of Australia, this proved a stumbling block almost immediately. With our initial plan backfiring, we continued to search for unique images outside the prohibited flying zones of the National Parks.

A couple of weeks into the trip, and having started to point the camera directly down towards Earth, we began to look back through the collection of images we had taken and a new idea came jumping out at us… Abstract Aerial Art!

Below is the first image we looked at and thought to ourselves “what the **** is that!!!” and “how on earth do we try and explain this”!

That also gives you a clue as to how our strap line came about!

“The point is not to work out what it is but to appreciate how weird and wonderful the world can look from above”

What you are actually looking at is a spit of sand protruding into the varying depths of water surrounding the incredible Shark Bay, Western Australia. Taken roughly 7 months ago, this is the image that led us to where we are today!

We’ve included the shot below to give you some perspective to the artwork above and show you exactly where in the world Abstract Aerial Art began! Not a bad place to start a business, we’re sure you’ll agree!!

Little did we know at the time of taking this image, the following four months would take us on a 50,000 kilometre drive, twice around the majority of the Australian continent, hunting for Abstract Aerial Art! Although this is hard to believe, we do have a screenshot showing GPS markers from every location that the drone flew to really prove we were this mad!! See below…

Each location is represented by one of the orange dots. Each number represents the amount of images taken.

If you include our first trip to Australia, during the one year that we were there, we got through two cars, took thousands of photographs, and clocked 69,791 kilometres. (plus a bit more as the odometer broke on the second car!!)

To put this distance into perspective, that’s the same as driving around the circumference of the world once, and then three quarters of the way back round again!! Or, driving from London to Sydney, Sydney back to London, London back to Sydney, then Sydney back to London!!!

If you’re thinking “they must  have seen the whole of Australia?”, amazingly, we doubt we’ve even scratched the surface!

Given half a chance, we would do it all again in a heartbeat!