Abstract Aerial Art Before & After Images

We often get asked whether or not our Abstract Aerial Art images are even real!? Occasionally, we ask ourselves the same thing whilst flying the drone over many of these locations!

It is hard to believe that places on earth can have such bizarre looking landscapes, textures, colours and structures however every single one of our aerial artworks is 100% real.

Other than slight colour and contrast adjustments to enhance the pictures for your viewing pleasure, we do not manipulate our images in any other way. We have no desire to alter what is already an amazing perspective of the planet. The artworks are always taken with the camera facing directly down towards earth. This can make things look very unusual!

A lot of our time is spent researching and attempting to get to each location, with the intention of showing you images that have never been seen before. Whenever asked if a particular photograph is even real, we feel we have achieved what we set out to do!

The whole point of what we are trying to show is how weird and wonderful the world can look from above. 

As a result of this, we have put together a selection of before & after images to show you:

  • the original image as shot off the drone (LEFT)
  • the enhanced image we sell in our shop and/or post to Instagram (CENTRE)
  • the location image of the Abstract Aerial Artwork to give you some perspective of what you are looking at from a slightly more conventional angle (RIGHT)

Included is a short insight into where each image was taken and what you are looking at. Click on any of the photos to enlarge them for closer inspection!

The Kraken

This is a shot from the East coast of England. Thanks to the tides, many abstract patterns form in the estuaries located around the British coastline.

Across the Pond

Below is the incredible sight of the solar salt evaporation ponds situated in Western Australia. As the sea water evaporates in the sun, the remaining salt creates this astonishing blue texture that almost looks as if it has been painted.

‘Ore’ Inspiring

One of the many iron mines situated in South Australia. We came across this mesmerising sight by pure chance. Little did we know we would end up with something resembling Aboriginal tribal artwork!

Earth’s Canvas

Pictured here is an aerial image of the most incredible looking abstract patterns created by the fields that lie within the Aragon Region of Spain. It certainly took a lot of research to find!

The Claw

Taken in South Australia, the image below shows the amazing colour and texture that salt can create. If you have read the previous blog post from our trip to France and Spain, you’ll know that this mineral never fails to amaze us!


Photographed in Essex, UK. What you are looking at are the channels of water left behind in the marsh lands as the tides rise and fall. Quite spectacular from both perspectives but particularly looking directly down.

The Wafer

Taken in Victoria, Australia, this is the incredible sight of a pink lake. The phenomenon is only found in a small number of locations on earth and really is as bizarre as it looks!


Another shot from a different location of the incredible abstract field patterns in the Aragon region of Spain.

The Devil’s Playground

Taken in one of the many remote Australian places we visited, and possibly one of our favourites. Wyndham, Western Australia. This unbelievable image shows what we are fairly certain is oil on top of a storage pond. (Sometimes we’re not even sure what we’re photographing!!!)

Cutting Edge

Photographed in Queensland, Australia, this spectacular view is as beautiful as it is destructive. The vibrant red colour seen below was created as a result of Aluminium mining.

Please feel free to comment and ask any questions you have. However, to save wasting anyone’s time, we will not reveal the precise location of any of our images. We’ve worked extremely hard to find and photograph these places and feel it would be unnecessary for us to give out this information. That would also take away half the fun of doing this kind of work!

For anyone inspired by our Abstract Aerial Artworks, there are so many more locations like these yet to be found. 

Happy hunting from Abstract Aerial Art!! 🙂


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